What are materials?

                 1. Often we think of a fabric-because of the use of the word material.

                  2. Material or stuff/matter is in fact what EVERY thing is made up of.

( Materials are used by us humans for all manner of reasons and every thing on this planet of                                               ours is made from some sort of Material.)

               The good and bad points about any material we call PROPERTIES

        bends/twists/cold/hot/warm/strong/brittle/transparent/ opaque/translucent/ etc.


     There are 3 main types or categories to describe ANY MATERIAL;  Solids, Gases, Liquids.

                                            Solids : have fixed shapes & volume -

                                       all their particles are compact and together

 Liquids : have no fixed shape, but keeps the same volume, when they  flow, they fill the of                                                   the container they are put in.

                           (the particles are not tightly packed together as in solids)

                           Gases - Will spread out in all directions to fill the given space -

               (The particles making up gases are even more apart than liquids)

                             Some materials are reversible and some are not