Did Tayla enjoy receiving and playing with the science box?   - Yes she was very excited to look through it and tried to guess what she may need the items for.

 Did she enjoy listening to and watching the videos?        =         Yes she liked the videos and loved the tricks.

Did she enjoy making the various projects?Yes and she learns best by doing so this type of learning is ideal for her.

   Do you feel the   science content and   the time taken was  enough for your aged  child?

  ‘Yes all relevant for her and a nice balance    between practical    tasks and reading    content.’

                                        On average were the workshops about one hour each?

              ‘Yes generally took around 1 hour maybe a longer if she wanted to colour in some of the items.’


  ‘Tayla enjoyed the materials one the most and                    loved all the experiments.’

‘Like I have said before Tayla really enjoyed completing this and was a good balance between text and practical content. Tayla has only just gone back to school and before that the home learning hasn’t been very interactive so this was really fun learning for her to and she loved watching the videos then being able to carry out the activities and experiments after. She has also loved showing family or talking about what she has made or done.’

Overall did Tayla enjoy the whole programme?           ‘Yes she really enjoyed it and wasn't difficult to get her to                         complete it either, she was eager to see what she would be doing with each day.’